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Please see your family doctor to obtain a referral to see one of the following:


  • Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein (Nephrologist)
  • Deborah Minden (Psychologist)
  • Lisa Weinberg (Dietician)
  • Dr. Marsha Werb (Endrocrinologist)
  • Dr. Janet Ritchie (Psychiatrist)
  • Dr. Jeff Charendoff (Urologist)
  • Paulette Pillersdorf


Please note that we receive a high volume of calls and emails and try to respond to messages within 3 business days.

  • Drs. Dara Abells, David Altman and Stephen Cord ext. 125;
  • Drs. Yoel Abells, Orli Goldberg, Robert Kingstone, Nicole Shievetz or Marina Wang, and Marsha Werb ext.119
  • Drs. Jeff Charendoff, Jeff Goldstein, Paulette Pillersdorf and Janet Ritchie ext.121
  • Drs. Christina Fisher, and dietician Lisa Weinberg ext.225
  • Drs. Orli Goldberg and Dr. Nicole Shievitz ext. 128

You must arrive by yourself and on time for your appointment. Only children, seniors and those requiring a caregiver may be escorted.

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